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Stunt Co-ordinator


A recent selection of T.V. and Film Credits for 2020/21

(Full List of credits can be found on C.V. and IMDb): 

Pretty Red Dress - Pre-Production        2021

Queens of Mystery                                  2021 Currently Filming

You Don't Know Me                               2021  Currently Filming

Paddy Power Commercial                      2021

BBC Holby City                                        2021

The Road Dance                                        2020/21

Mothering Sunday                                    2020

Lost Girls                                                    2020

Silent Night                                                2020

 BBC Holby City                                          2020 



Action with Actors:


Elaine has a natural ability to engage with actors of all ages and  coach them during stunt sequences.  Instilling confidence enhances performance and maximises artists' involvement in any 'action scene', which in turn produces outstanding results within  a safe and controlled environment.


'Elaine is a great stunt-woman,

a great teacher and an inspirational



Actress, Emma Thompson


Winner of  numerous SAG Awards, as part of a stunt ensemble for films such as Harry Potter,  Fast and Furious 6 and Skyfall

"Safe Management of Stunts Course"

(trained with 1st Option Safety Group)

Masters Degree in Fine Art (2017) which included Film, Video and Sound


Stunt Lectures and Workshops:

Elaine presents stunt workshops and lectures nationwide.  Live Stunt Shows for Corporate Events. 

+44 (0) 7836 633 877

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